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  • Player: Kezika.7692
  • IC Name: Vynnzi
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Asura
  • Class: Necromancer
  • Specialization:
  • Profession: Professor, College of Synergetics
  • In-Character Affiliations:
  • Scholarly Specialization: Energy Signatures

Notes in Brief

  • College of Synergetics Professor


Vynnzi was born in Rata Sum on 90 Scion 1304. She was skilled in data and statistics through her early schoolings and continued on to the College of Synergetics specializing in energy readings.

Upon her graduation in 1323 she joined Professor Gorr's krewe Advanced Metamystics studying energy signatures of dragon minions. In 1325 Professor Gorr publicized the Draconic Enchanto-consumption Theory with proof the Elder Dragons consume magic and that it is a finite resource.

Shortly after the discovery was made public Vynnzi was promoted to Assistant Professor to teach classes on the new discovery, she still remains in this position.

Additionally in 1327, Kezika founded Mordrem Dracology Krewe and hired Vynnzi on as Head Data Analyst. Vynnzi took part in multiple field research trips in Dry Top and The Silverwastes prior to the Pact Fleet launching over the Maguuma Jungle.

When the Pact Fleet departed over the heart of the Maguuma Jungle to destroy Mordremoth, she was about the Melaggan's Valor along with Balkki and other members of Mordrem Dracology Krewe when it was torn out of the sky. The krewe stayed with Pact members through the jungle to the final battle against Mordremoth and set up equipment to monitor energy levels throughout the fight. Their readings assisted The Pact in confirming the death of Mordremoth.

Upon Taimi's discovery that dragon energies fell into different parts of the magical spectrum she worked to modify the krewe's energy detection equipment to differentiate between the various energy spectrums of the Elder Dragons. This technology was applied in the field in Ember Bay while researching Destroyer minions that were showing signs of Mordremoth's energy.

When Elona was reopened Vynnzi travelled along with Kezika, Balkki, other Mordrem Dracology Krewe members, and a protection contractor Vykko to the site of Prophet's Fall in the Desert Highlands to study how much of Mordremoth's magical spectrum the Branded had absorbed, if any.

From 57 to 57 Zephyr 1331 Vynnzi was aboard on a maritime expedition for Mordrem Dracology Krewe to monitor energy signals from Kralkatorrik himself where he was perched atop a mountain, from just northeast of the Sandswept Isles

OOC Name History

  • World of Warcraft: "Vynnzi" was a Gnome Mage. Late addition to my roster and never reached full level.