Tessa Odelle

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  • Player: fallsaddles.5893
  • IC Name: Tessa Odelle
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Engineer
  • Specialization: None
  • Age/Birthdate: 21 (290 Colossus 1310)
  • In-Character Afilliations
    • Order of Whispers
    • Dalos Company
  • Occupation(s):
    • Lead Technician, Research and Development
    • Mists Researcher

Notes in Brief

  • No formal diagnoses, disabilities or otherwise.
  • Personality: young, guarded, cheeky, precocious. Kuudere mercenary archetype.


The "last of the Odelles," Tessa has been burdening her legacy as best as she can: employing her talents to securing the interests of the family line. The Odelle Trading Company hasn't operated in a hundred years, since Cantha shut its borders and the first child of its founder went missing, and the years of stockpiled wealth has started to run out in reconstruction efforts after the destruction of Lion's Arch. So, at the age of 18, she's used an uncanny aptitude for technological tools as a researcher for the Order of Whispers, themselves in a transitional period between one legacy and the next.

After all, they're not supposed to even need engineers. They don't even know what uniform to give them, so they've restored their historical armor, knives and all, back into service as a surrogate. It's purely ceremonial, but entirely them, of course.

Tessa works in finding new technologies for espionage and detection for and beyond the affairs of the Mists. After the death of Abbadon, the Order found themselves with a wide array of influence and no goal; they've slowly pivoted toward detecting Elder Dragon activity, but they have the most skill at coordinating efforts for and against the legions of the Six. Tessa's job is to make it easier to detect, control, and stay informed on the activities of these peoples as well as technologies that can listen in on conversations from across the continent.

She's not a fighter. She's received basic combat training, and her father's rifle as a token of good luck, but she needs help standing her ground and employing her resourcefulness in situations beyond the scientific diagram. She needs to be pragmatic with her hands, not just her mind.

And so she spends most of her time in the Mists, left to her accord to find solutions for her job and her home, and her legacy hangs on her neck like an albatross. Her name, the ancestral dedication to a lost sister centuries past. Around her neck itself, the Mark of the Imperial Guard, a last heirloom. There's a lot she looks for from the Mists to get closure on a lifetime of familial expectation; whether it's the lost dead, the fate of a dozen other kinsmen, or the supposed last treasures of the founder of the Company...