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42 Scion 1335


Converts a Gregorian calendar date into a Mouvelian calendar date. Only appropriate for Gregorian dates after the advent of the Living World, and obviously especially inappropriate for dates before the release of Guild Wars 2 (August 28, 2012).


unnamed parameter 1
The Gregorian date you wish to convert. Must be formatted as follows: dd (month name) yyyy. Defaults to the current date.
  • Month must be written as a word, not a number, though a shortened version is fine: April Apr
Optional. Forces the template to display a section of the date rather than the entire string. Possible values are day, season, year, day-season, and season-year.


Today is {{Mouvelian}}.

''"Lion's Arch was invaded on {{Mouvelian|18 February 2014}}, and liberated on {{Mouvelian|04 Mar 2014|display=day-season}} of that same year."''


Today is 42 Scion 1335.
"Lion's Arch was invaded on 49 Zephyr 1327, and liberated on 63 Zephyr of that same year."