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  • Player: Armathid
  • IC Name: Slaberth
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Thief
  • Specialization: Shadow Arts, Deadly Arts, Trickery

  • Aliases: Black Coat
  • Age/Birthdate: 25 born in 1300 AE
  • In-Character AfilliationsMercenary assassin
    • Order of Whisperer
    • The Pact
  • Occupation(s):
    • Pact's recon
    • Lightbringer


Smart,cunning,snarky,confident,arrogant. His attitude makes him a hard person to work with, but he treats other people with respect if they do the same. On the surface, he looks like a spoiled person, but there are said to be few people that he shows his true-self


Born in 1300 AE, but most of his past is unknown. It is heavily impiled that he was a noble and was extremely skillful in Deadly Arts and Shadow Arts.


In 1316 AE, he began his mercenary carrer and made quite a name of himself by conducting assination on a bandit leader. Being recognized for his talents, he was given an offer to join Order of Whisperer. Having dreamt about joining The Order, he quickly accepted and went up to the rank of Lightbringer in a shot period of time.

Zhaitan's awaken

In 1325 AE, he joined the Pact and helped defeating Zhaitan.And continued to work for the Order of Whisperer.

Scarlet's assault on Lion's Arch

In 1326 AE, He was not presented at the time that Scarlet attacked, but later was revealed that he infiltrated Scarlet's rank and sabotaged her airship. And also assisted the Pact's commander in defeating Scarlet.

Mordermoth's awaken

In 1328 AE, He was infilitrating in White Mantle until he heard about Mordermoth. He saw the bigger picture and assiniated the White Mantle's captain before departing to the Pact. He was in an airship of the Pact, but when it crashed he went missing for a while because he was mortally wounded and had to hide for few days.

Heart of Thorn

Having regrouped with the Pact, he had to recover for few days before getting back to the field. After having recovered, he was determined to take down Mordermoth for good, but he was distrustful towards Syvarli, so he also observed them all including Canach. After having reached Mordermoth, he guarded the commander's body. With Mordermoth being destroyed, he felt tired and wanted to take a break.

Balthazaar's deception

He was hunting criminals until being contracted by the Pact. His blood being boiled for a fight, he came back quickly and started observing Balthazaar's movement.

Path of Fire

In 1330 He was in Elona on vacation with Canach, but Kralkatorrik ruined it, so he had no choice, but to fight again. Having killed countless amount of Forge, but no sign of Balthazaar. He repoted to the commander, but commander was dead, so he decided to take over for a while. Believing in the commander, he refused to back down even at the worst odds. When the commander returned from the Underworld, he gave back the position and assited commander in killing Balthzaar. After Balthazaar had died, he was informed that Demmi Beetlestone had died before he got back. Saddened by the news, he almost mentally broke down, but he knew Demmi wouldn't want that, so he continued fighting.


He helped the commander in containing Scarab virus. At the moment, he is observing Tyria in case something bad happens.