Sabriel Locke

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Sabriel (human) and Miranda (griffin).
  • Player: Cozzybob.9175
  • IC Name: Sabriel Locke
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Ranger
  • Specialization: Druid primary, some Soulbeast tendencies.
  • Sexuality: Pansexual, in a poly relationship with two other people.
  • Aliases: Sab, Locke, Puppy (Jack), Affe (insult given by the Harathi as a slave), Cub (Vekell), Sunshine (Jacellyn)
  • Age: Early 30's
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Lineage: Mixed and unknown ancestry, some Elonian, and possibly some Krytan. His bloodline comes from a very long history of piracy, and is thus difficult to track.

In-Character Affiliations

  • Tyrian Medical Society
  • Pact (occasional hire)
  • Retired vet of the Mist War
  • Retired member of various mercenary bands
  • Escaped slave of the Harathi centaurs
  • One of hundreds of orphans who have passed through Queen's Heart Orphanage
  • Ex-resident of Vanguard Hospital


  • Battle medic
  • Doctor/healer
  • Mercenary
  • Occasional hire for the Pact as a doctor, scout and/or informant.
  • In the past, he has also worked as an interrogator, and is experienced in inflicting torture.


  • Miranda: A griffin hatchling named after Sabriel's deceased sister. A recent addition, Miranda is very shy, prone to baby-like behavior, and will not stray far from Sabriel, often preferring to linger on his back.
  • Reginold: An electric wyvern who has grown to adolescence. He's about the size of a griffin mount in-game. Well-trained and rescued from birth, Reg is very loyal to Sabriel. When Sabriel visits cities or towns, Reginold will sometimes linger in less populated forests, hills or other areas nearby.


  • Powerful druid in both healing and offense (space magic wooo).
  • Has a very strong affinity for most animals, and can tame nearly anything, with effort.
  • Is a master of hand-to-hand combat.
  • Is very capable with daggers.
  • Having spent most of his life blind, he is fully capable of fighting and navigating in the dark or other blinded situations.


  • Very intelligent, with a strong tactical mind.
  • He does not ever raise his voice.
  • He is not quick to anger, and rarely acts impulsively.
  • Very compassionate with a strong moral compass.


  • He is shy in most public situations.
  • He will generally not defend himself if verbally attacked.
  • He is prone to being a recluse and a loner.
  • He suffers terrible depression, and many of the symptoms related to it.
  • In his worst moments, he can be annoyingly self-destructive.
  • He will occasionally suffer anxiety attacks depending on certain triggers (generally those involving intimacy).
  • He is very genophobic, and rarely appears in public with exposed skin.
  • He hates being touched by those he doesn't know well, but will usually not react violently if done without permission.


  • Tall, athletic build.
  • Dark haired, caramel skinned, some Elonian decent. He usually wears dreads.
  • He dresses very simply, and never shows much skin.
  • He usually wears sunglasses, which is a relic from when he used to be blind.
  • He always has a knife somewhere on his person.
  • Underneath his clothing, he has many, many scars. The most significant are whipping marks on his back, faint claw marks around his eyes, claw marks on his chest, and a brand of the Harathi on his upper left shoulder.


  • Quiet, soft spoken, pensive.
  • Does his best to be kind.
  • Is willing to make conversation, but he's not always well spoken or good with people.
  • Can be very shy and reclusive.
  • His humor is generally very dry and/or sarcastic.
  • He has a tactical mind, and can sometimes think in cold, efficient terms (which is a carry-over from his past). Hence, he is not often quick to condemn evil acts unless he is personally involved in them, preferring rather to understand why they occurred in the first place.
  • He suffers from major depression, and tends to experience self hatred and/or self destruction in his worst moments.
  • He is terrified of spiders, intimacy, and crowded spaces.
  • He doesn't like to be touched, but won't react violently if done without permission.


  • Aman Locke: Sabriel's long lost twin brother. The two had no idea of each other's existence until very recently, when Sabriel pursued his lost lineage, which lead him into an adventure with pirates, and an excursion deep into Elona. The two are leery of each other, and Sabriel often doesn't know how to deal with him. Sabriel is unaware that Aman is an active pirate with a fierce reputation.
  • Miranda: Sabriel's long dead older sister. She did her best to raise him despite their many shared trials. She was killed by a centaur when she and Sabriel tried to escape slavery together. She was buried near Divinity's Reach, and Sabriel visits often to pay respects.
  • Jack: One of two lovers, Jack is a male sylvari with a long, complicated history. They have both saved each others lives on many different occasions. Jack refers to Sabriel as 'Puppy,' and absolutely adores him.
  • Jacellyn: His other lover, Jacellyn, is a human woman that he rescued from ex-White Mantle some time ago. They fell in love shortly after, and have been through quite a lot together. She refers to Sabriel as 'Sunshine' due to her unique sight (he appears golden to her).