Rata Rehab

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An area in Desider Atum that represents part of Rata Rehab
  • Name: Rata Rehab
  • Zone: Metrica Province
  • Type: Medical Facility
  • Nearest Waypoint: Desider Atum Waypoint — [&BEgAAAA=]
  • Nearest POI: Dr. Bleent's Encampment
  • Associated Players: Kezika.7692


Rata Rehab is a Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy and Mental Health facility of the Rata Sum Hospital. In-game it is represented by Desider Atum

While the out-of-character location is at Desider Atum, in-character it would be located in Soren Draa, just outside of Rata Sum's cube.

The box next to the beds can be used to represent a Physical Therapy Levitator. Additionally the pond on the east side can be used for aquatic therapy.

The empty room in the cliff wall on the higher level is used to represent one of many various patient rooms. Cafeteria is represented by the cooking station on the lower level as well as tables being the tailoring station near it.

It is treated in-character as having more rooms inside the structure and cliff wall. (Basically it's larger in-character than the in-game representation of it.)