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Pnyya in her civilian outfit along with her KTG-3F0 golem inside of the Grand Sahil Casino where she works as a chef
Pnyya in her pseudo-necromancer disguise glamour.
Pnyya in her prison outfit from when she was kept as a political prisoner by the Inquest
  • Player: Kezika.7692
  • IC Name: Pnyya
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Asura
  • Class: Mesmer
  • Specialization: Mirage
  • Birth Name: Mazzi
  • Birthdate: 78 Phoenix 1307
  • In-Character Affiliations:
  • Scholarly Specialization: Mental Magic

Current Status

Working as a chef for the Grand Sahil Casino in Amnoon Oasis

Notes in Brief

  • The only people that know her as Mazzi are people that knew her before 1324 such as Ketti, select Inquest members such as Arctii that were involved with her imprisonment, and medical staff such as Ooxhi, Wylair, and Kezika. Out of those only people that knew here very closely will be able to recognize her while she has her "Pseudo-Necromancer" glamour on herself as the face paint portion is specifically designed to trick the eye on some of her facial features.
  • Pnyya has an extremely laconic speaking style as a result of her past mental traumas. I'll usually let RP partners know this in advance so as not to think I'm being disinterested OOC, but in-character wise it may be off putting to other characters and can also be easily misinterpreted due to the lack of words. So if RPing with me on Pnyya don't be afraid to have your character be like "uhhh... what?"
  • Her golem is a KTG-3F0 medical assistant golem. She also makes use of the powerstone mind link , arm apparatus, as well as the compression vest accessories of the KTG Golems.


Mazzi was born in Soren Draa on 78 Phoenix 1307. Throughout her childhood and primary level education she showed a strong aptitude for magic wielding, specifically that of mesmer mind-effecting magics. In late 1323 she began attending the College of Synergetics to specialize in researching the properties of magic and quickly befriended a classmate of hers, Ketti. Ketti gave Mazzi a pet name "Ny-uh" after a speech quirk Mazzi would utter when nervous or stressed.

Thaumanova Protests

In early 1324 the Thaumanova Reactor Explosion occurred which her father Pnuub was severely injured in, losing his right leg and two right fingers. Incensed by this, Mazzi dug further into the disaster and held various protests regarding it. All of the krewes that operated at Thaumanova strongly denied involvement. However after one of her protests she received a package from an unknown source that contained some security feed footage that showed various safety protocols being ignored by on of the Inquest krewes working at the facility. At a following protest she publicized this footage using a holoprojector outside of the main Inquest recruiting station in Rata Sum.

At the time, the Inquest were working on a project led by Teyo and Arctii to integrate the Golemagica Krewe in to the Inquest. The protest and publicization of the footage happened the day that the leader of the Golemagica Krewe was to visit there and sign the final paperwork for integration. However upon seeing the footage of multiple standard safety protocols being ignored by the Inquest he decided against joining his krewe to the Inquest.

In response to the damages caused by Mazzi's protest Councillor Yahk had her listed as a political enemy of The Inquest and placed a bounty on her capture through an internal memo to certain Inquest members. Additionally notified were Teyo and Arctii due to them being personally affected by Mazzi's actions. Additionally, Yahk had the Arcane Eye publish information that Mazzi was known to be especially skilled at mental manipulation magic and that her footage was simply mesmer illusion.



Later that week Arctii captured Mazzi by sneaking in through her dormitory window and tranquilizing her and transporting her to Biocauldron Alchemics for temporary holding. The day after Mazzi's capture the Inquest had a skilled mesmer fake the suicide of Mazzi off the side of the Rata Sum cube.

After a few weeks moved her to an Inquest facility in Dry Top. Later, in 1325 Pnyya was moved to BTP-316 in Beetletun as a more clandestine facility to be held at. During her tenure as a political prisoner she was kept in a Pneumatic Gag that would only allow her to speak for at most one second at a time, effectively limiting her to one word vocalizations. Eventually as a result of this long term inhibition her mind developed a mental block against speaking altogether.

However in mid-1326 the facility suffered a staff shortage one day due to guards being able to report in due to an increased Seraph presence in Beetletun that day, and not wanting to raise suspicions that may cause the facility to be uncovered. Mazzi took advantage of this and subdued a lone guard, stole his passkey and made her way out of the facility and into the Lake Doric area. She continued to make her way along the Eastern Divinity Reservoir Dam and into Divinity's Reach proper.


She then began heading to Seraph Headquarters. However due to still being shackled, cuffed, and gagged, she kept to back alleys to avoid raising suspicions of the public and possibly recapture in case Inquest were looking for her. Unfortunately while making her way through one of the back alleys a slaver headhunter posing as a book seller spots her in her restrained and gagged condition. He was easily able to overpower her and lock her in the chassis of his book cart. She was then transported out of the city to a hut in Godslost Swamp.

After a couple weeks she was purchased by one of the bandits occupying Fort Vandal and taken there to be used as a slave. Roughly a year later Fort Vandal was attacked by tendrils of the Elder Dragon Mordremoth, which caused the bandits to evacuate the fort, leaving their belongings behind, including Mazzi who was locked in a cage in the courtyard at the time.



Three days later, the initial Pact expedition moved through the fort on their way to The Silverwastes to establish a base there. A Pact soldier notices Mazzi unconscious in the cage, but notices that she still has a weak but rapid pulse due to critical dehydration. Pact Medics stabilize her with intravenous fluid replacement and food after she regained consciousness. Pact combat therapist Wylair was among the expedition but despite her best efforts could not get Mazzi to speak about what had happened.

Mazzi was then escorted by Wylair on a cart along with a pair of Pact soldiers injured by the tendrils to Vanguard Hospital for treatment.

Vanguard Hospital

After a couple of weeks her physical conditions resulting from the near-death lack of sustenance had been returned back to normal parameters; however Mazzi had still refused to speak at all in that time to anyone as well as lashing out violently multiple times at hospital staff. At that time she was moved back to the inpatient psychiatric wing of the hospital. Her official diagnoses in the psychiatric wing were Selective Mutism, Acute Stress Disorder, and Institutional Syndrome.

One of the medical staff at the hospital knew her from college and informed the hospital of her identity, but noted that she had been missing for multiple years after hosting a protest against The Inquest. As a safety precaution Vanguard did not report her being alive to Rata Sum authorities at that time in case the coincidental disappearance was more than coincidence.

Two seasons after her admittance to Vanguard Hospital Wylair returned escorting more injured Pact soldiers from the Verdant Brink phase of the campaign against Mordremoth. While in Verdant Brink, Wylair learned of the Kezika's KTG Golems through Vynnzi and Balkki over a campfire one night. Wylair stays at Vanguard Hospital to assist with treating the Pact soldiers that she brought as overflow from The Pact's own medical facilities. While there and on the psychiatric ward to help a soldier she was that Mazzi was still there. She talked with Mazzi's treating psychiatrist and learned that she still was not talking at that time and suggested the golems that she had learned about. The psychiatrist agreed that it was worth a try as they were making no progress while Mazzi refused to speak.

Recovery Begins

Wylair then travelled to Rata Sum to speak with Kezika and purchase a KTG Golem for Mazzi. Kezika travelled back to Vanguard Hospital with Wylair to train the staff there on their use and configuration. When presented with the golems, Mazzi gravitated towards the blue feline appearance model KTG-2F0 which Kezika then configured to her, along with a mindlink powerstone circlet.

The next day Wylair went to sit with Mazzi during a meal and after the meal Mazzi said "thanks" to Wylair. A few days later when Wylair asked for her name, Mazzi gave the name Pnyya instead of Mazzi. Her new name having been formed out of her old pet name given to her by Ketti of "Ny-uh" but given a more formal spelling.

Treatment on her Selective Mutism and Acute Stress Disorder began progressing better at this point and Pnyya began slowly being more willing to talk more, although still very laconic in speaking style. Roughly two seasons later, two weeks out from the end on 1328 she began Reintegration Therapy to treat her Institutional Syndrome and reacquaint her with having freedom. Reintegration Therapy consisted of trips outside of the hospital into Salma District three times a week while accompanied by two members of hospital staff. During this phase she still lived on the inpatient wing of Vanguard Hospital

After an additional season she was moved to the outpatient program. She was provided with a stipend of money and an apartment to get her on her feet until she could find employment. Shortly after she begins working for a food cart in the courtyard in the Salma District, cooking and selling food on certain days for the vendor. She maintained this job for a few months. However, she kept having recurrent flashbacks and nightmares from her capture by the slaver and decided to move to Ebonhawke instead and rented an apartment there and worked as a cook in a local tavern there. That job lasted about a year for her.



During her time in Divinity's Reach and Ebonhawke she would often practice honing her mesmer magic and illusion casting just in case she was ever found by Inquest members again. While living in Ebonhawke she additionally developed a glamour she would put on herself that would give her an appearance similar to that used by many combat necromancers. The glamour included a face paint that disguised her facial features my using false accentuation of certain parts. She would wear this glamour whenever outside the safety of city walls.

During her time in Ebonhawke she traveled back to Metrica Province and spoke with the Lionguard at their base there. She proposed an attack to shut down Biocauldron Alchemics for their activities in holding prisoners. While the Lionguard said they weren't authorized to accompany her, they advised that if she didn't return within two hours "We'll just happen to receive a missing person report, and investigate." Pnyya proceeded south and attacked the facility, silently picking off Inquest a few at a time until only their golems remained alive.

After that she headed in to Dry Top with the intent to attack the facility she was held at in Dry Top, but found Seraph in the area that mentioned they already shut it down back in 1327. Pnyya then returned to Ebonhawke at that point, considering BTP-316 too much of a risk to attack.

News of the attack on Biocauldron Alchemics spread around Rata Sum mentioning her only as an unknown attacker dressed in green and black, wearing a skull facepaint, and wielding a dismembered arm as a weapon.


While living in Ebonhawke she saw a recruitment flyer from a human-guild The Valiant Crest looking for additional fighters for a mission to The Crystal Desert. Interested in getting away from the Tyrian continent altogether to alleviate her fears of Inquest recapture she applied to the guild and was accepted despite some concerns from guild members regarding her heavily laconic speaking style. Shortly thereafter she departed with the guild to The Crystal Desert on a mission to locate a missing member of the guild.

After it was discovered the guild member was killed in action and the guild returned to the Tyrian continent she stayed behind in Amnoon and applied to be a chef at the Grand Sahil Casino and was hired.

She is given a week off each month for the purpose of travelling back to Divinity's Reach for her therapy and configuration checks on her golem which she upgraded to the 3-series shortly after moving to Amnoon. Currently she still is working at the Grand Sahil Casino as a chef.

During the Brandstorm attack on Amnoon she took a rowboat out to Imed's Grotto and hid there until it was over.

Reunion with Ketti

During her visit to Divinity's Reach in the aftermath of the Brandstorm she met an asura named Lornn at the Merchant's Coin over dinner one night. Later they had been joined by another asura that mentioned they also moved to Amnoon. Curious she asked them why they moved to Amnoon, and was asked the question in return. Pnyya was reluctant to answer the question, but then said she could answer if she was able to test their allegiance. Pnyya cast a draining to use touch interface lie detection spell on each and asked their opinion of the Inquest and if they would be willing to help the Inquest even for a large sum of money. Both passed and she told of her captivity with the Inquest, her real name, and that was why she decided to leave Tyria for Elona.

Unbeknown to Pnyya, Ketti was captured by Inquest after she escaped the facility seeking information on her. Additionally unknown was that Ketti had escaped just earlier that week and was helped by Lornn the night prior at Merchant's Coin after Ketti managed to stumble in to there seeking assistance. Lornn mentioned he met someone named Ketti the night prior that mentioned looking for "Mazzi." Suspicious of a possible Inquest actor attempting to trick her she told Lornn not to mention her, but knew how to test if it was the real Ketti, as only her own parents and Ketti would know her well enough for the glamour to not work on their minds.

Meanwhile Lornn convinced Ketti to report the BTP-316 facility to The Seraph and arranged a time to go in and do that with her, which was relayed to Mazzi. When the time came Mazzi then equipped her pseudo-necromancer glamour and walked around a corner in the royal gardens as Lornn and Ketti came along the road from the other direction. Ketti instantly recognized Mazzi and ran over to her, but was also wary of it potentially being an Inquest mesmer posing as Pnyya. Ketti told Mazzi that she would need to do a test as well.

The group then went to a side alley in the garden and Ketti explained that she would need to borrow some of Mazzi's magic as part of the test. That being the first test to see how much magic Mazzi would lend. Then using the lent magic Ketti case a time dilation on Mazzi increasing Mazzi's perception of time greatly to around one minute per perceived second, effectively rendering her defenseless and unable to react. Part two of the test was to sit Mazzi down to see if she was showing signs of fear, such as tensed muscles or elevated heart rate. This was because due to the inability to react, only those truly trusting in the caster would be able to stay calm.

Mazzi had passed her test as well and Ketti released her from the time dilation. They then went in to report BTP-316 to the Seraph together. With their reports The Seraph infiltrated the facility and shut it down. A few days later Arctii was also arrested after being spotted by Seraph in Divinity's Reach. In her interrogations and as a proof of good intent Arctii provided the access code to the factility's safe that kept sensitive Inquest documents as well as where White Mantle stored some of their funds. The recovered funds were distributed between Mazzi and Arctii as their reward for the report of the facility.

OOC Trivia

The pseudo-necromancer outfit was created after a guildmate joked with me that Vynnzi looked like a holy priest instead of a necromancer, so I made Pnyya look like a necromancer as a back joke later which happened to fit in to the storyline as her disguising herself.

Rough Scratch Notes