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ImageCompass (and ImageCompass/NoFloat)

  • Use: Puts an image on a page with cardinal directions with North at the top.
  • Syntax: {{ImageCompass|FILENAME.EXT|SIZEpx}}
  • Example: {{ImageCompass|ImageName.png|250px}}

Rendered Example: Other_Templates/ImageCompass_Render


  • Use: Converts either the current date, or a specific date to the Mouvelian Calendar
  • Note: This Template was imported from the GW2 Official Wiki at gw2:Template:Mouvelian.
  • Please refer to Template:Mouvelian for usage documentation.
  • Example: 21 Zephyr 1333

How to get your Template Listed Here

If you have a template that you have created that you feel would belong on this page. Let us know! You can contact a staff member through their user talk page, or you can contact us through the Mindlink Discord.