Olmakhan Flamedancers

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The Flamedancers are a head canon sub-group of the Olmakhan. Like the Lifebenders, Earthstalkers, and the like, the Flamedancers revolve around a unique fighting style and set of lore.

If you want to make your own character a Flamedancer, go right ahead and have fun with it!

Flamedancer Lore

The Olmakhan are masters of natural magic, including all of those schools ruled by the elements. However, having suffered the rule of the Flame Legion caste for so long, they are hesitant to allow even their own kind practice fire magic for fear that such a system would once again emerge. With a fear that this could lead to enslavement of their kind, being taught the ways of fire magic is an honor reserved only for the most trusted of members of the tribe - the most practiced elementalists, cubs of the elders, and the like.

The one major rule that governs Olmakhan use of fire magic is that no individual is allowed to summon flames of their own. Thus, such magic is not even taught to those studying to become Flamedancers, and the art of magically conjuring a fire is all but forgotten to the charr of Atholma. But, of course, their magical abilities still rely on an open flame being present, and it is not always convenient to carry a torch or prepare a campfire, and so they have found their own ways to summon natural flames.

Flamedancer armor comes equipped with bits of flammable stone and metal. For the first Flamedancers, this took the form of a faux-claw strapped to the heel of metal or leather foot coverings. A Flamedancer wearing these special boots needed only to strike their heels together to cause a spark, which would then set flame to a small strip on the back of the paw. They could then shape this flame as they wished, but they could not create more fire than their armor or weapons allowed.

The metal or leather of the boot was fashioned in such a way that the charr wearing it would not be burnt by the flames, but this setup allowed them to create a flame at will, but not one bound to their own magical abilities. For this reason, it was still a wild, living fire, and thus Flamedancers needed to be agile, moving with the will of the flame to avoid burns, a fact which bestowed upon them their name.

Over time, similar methods have been incorporated into other pieces of armor or weaponry - gauntlets with flint plating that can be struck with the charr's claws to set it aflame, helmets with horns made of sparking metals and coated in a flammable salve, weapons which could be doused in oil or other similar liquids to set them ablaze.