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Jack in Elona.
  • Player: Cozzybob.9175
  • IC Name: Jack
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Sylvari
  • Class: Revenant (previously Guardian)
  • Specialization: Has his own legends and abilities.
  • Sexuality: Pansexual. Has experience with both men and women, and is attracted to other races.
  • Aliases: Jackie, Jacqueline
  • Age: 8
  • Other: woken during the night, Dreamer, not a valiant
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • In-Character Affiliations
    • Ex-Warden (quit after 1 year of service)
    • Ex-Vigil (veteran, joined the Pact when formed)
    • Ex-Pact (veteran, retired after Orr, occasionally returns to serve)
    • Ex-lead singer of retired rock band "Fulgurite".
    • Priory Subject (Submitted himself to their study after suffering experimental corruption. He has a handler.)
    • Ex-member of various retired mercenary bands (ie, guilds).
  • Occupation(s):
    • Private Investigator (Pact authority)
    • Priory Subject
    • Ex-mercenary


  • Dai: (Pronounced "Day".) Originally a sylvari male that woke around the same time as Jack. The two were inseparable and instantly the best of friends, serving the Wardens, the Vigil, and the Pact together. Sometime before their career in Orr, the two went back to the Grove when given temporary leave, and ended up breaking apart after a disastrous incident involving Dai's old flame, Oíche (Pronounced "Ee-ha"), who had become a Courtier. Dai swore that he would hate Jack forever, and the two didn't speak again while Dai was alive. Returning to the Pact and serving in Orr, Dai was pulled into a disastrous mission where all of his unit was killed when they were betrayed by their unit commander, who had become corrupted by Zhaitan sometime during the chaos. The dead were all resurrected by Zhaitan to torment him further, and Dai fought off his old allies and countless other undead for several hours without backup. He died quite angry, which carried over into his spiritual form. When Jack was lost in the Mists years later, he rediscovered Dai and made a deal with him to gain access to the spirit's abilities and protect himself. When either Jack or Dai is angry, Dai sometimes takes over completely, and can generally do so with or without Jack's consent. The spirit is often very irrational, quick to anger, and fails to think tactically. The angrier Dai is, the stronger his abilities are, and most of his abilities and spells involve rage mechanics or fire-based abilities. Despite this, Dai has a deep respect for Jack, and will rarely hurt his friend intentionally.
  • Riannoc: Jack discovered Riannoc while lost in the Mists, and it was due to Riannoc's aid that he was finally able to escape. Riannoc has agreed to help Jack and grant him abilities so long as Jack remains a 'good' and 'righteous' individual. As Jack has made it his life to combat dragon corruption, he has remained in the legend's favor. Riannoc's abilities include the ability to summon Caladbolg and perform many defensive actions similar to guardians, such as block spells and various types of shielding.


  • Above.
  • Is able to teleport at will by slipping in and out of the Mists, though never much farther than the average revenant can in-game.
  • He can form tears into the Mists with great difficulty, and sometimes even redirect it towards a specific place, though both of these actions drain him considerably, and can, in theory, kill him.
  • He is an experienced musician (singer, song writer, and guitarist), which he took up as a career after retiring from the Pact. He still writes songs and sometimes performs them, though he prefers to do it quietly these days.
  • In taking up a career as a PI, he has the gained ability to investigate crime scenes and pursue leads like a detective.
  • Has several strange abilities, including the ability to shape shift and regenerate very quickly, due to an experiment befored by a retired character, a sylvari scientist who experimented in controlling dragon corruption. For more details about this, see below.

The Change

After a series of difficult events, Jack found himself consenting to a ritual done by a strange sylvari woman, who promised him mental autonomy and the ability to protect his loved ones. Unfortunately, while they did technically grant him both of these things, it also granted him abilities that he had very little control over, and it has also changed his nature completely. Jack has struggled with this for a very long time. These abilities include:

  • Very fast regeneration. While most sylvari heal relatively quickly, Jack's works a bit like Wolverine. When he takes damage, it will heal almost immediately. It's so fast and persistent that he's failed to commit suicide as a result, in his lowest moment.
  • Uncontrollable shapeshifting. This shapeshifting reacts based on his moods, and he cannot control it directly. Generally, this shifting reacts during emotional extremes, but it will also occur if he's directly threatened by an external source. He can shift to nearly anything of any size, or simply shift his limbs or skin into various assets. All of his shifting is plant-based material, often mordrem in appearance. While he cannot control this shapeshifting directly, he has since learned to control his emotions through extensive mental practice and training. He can also control it through Dai or Riannoc, who will direct the shifting for his use... assuming they are in the mood to cooperate. It should be noted that he shapeshifts, it costs large amounts of energy, which he usually acquires by excess eating or sleeping. If he has no energy, the shapeshifting generally falls apart and he returns to his base form.
  • Is corrupted and technically a mordrem. The ritual has changed his nature completely, and he is technically a mordrem. When tested by an expert, he will register dragon corruption, both from Zhaitan and Mordremoth.
  • The ability to sense both Mordrem and Zhaitan energy. Because he is corrupted, he can sense other mordrem, or energies from Zhaitan. He cannot, however, communicate with them. Dragon minions with these energies will also not attack Jack unless he attacks first, as he registers as an ally.
  • Can never be corrupted by the Nightmare Court. Due to his nature, he cannot be turned into a Courtier, no matter what they do to him.
    • Can not be mind controlled. When the experiments performed on him changed his nature, measures were taken to prevent his mind from becoming corrupted. This is why he has full autonomy and cannot be controlled by the elder dragons, even though he is technically an mordrem with both mordrem and zhaitan corruption.
  • His body CAN be controlled by another, if that person understands how to directly control dragon corruption. The sylvari who did this believed that in controlling dragon corruption, she could save the world, and in her genius, she found a way to do so. She later used her control over Jack's body to protect herself when the entire affair exploded into chaos.


Above. Most of his strengths rely on brute force and physical prowess, which he is very, very good at. Dai is also a form of strength, because when Jack falls unconscious or recedes into an panicked state, Dai will sometimes take over in order to protect him.


Though extremely difficult to fight physically, he is easily disturbed by emotional manipulation and mental mindfuckery. He can be thrown into fits of panic or worse if pressed by the right subjects in the right ways (usually this will involve closed spaces, threats to his freedom, or playing into his fears of being a monster). The trick to defeating him is to get Jack to defeat himself, as he is his own worst enemy. He rarely sleeps well and so is often easily tired after combat, though even if he does fall unconscious due to strain, Dai will step in to protect him. He suffers chronic severe depression, anxiety attacks, and PTSD, and he sometimes has fairly extreme mood swings because of this. He is also very claustrophobic.


Fairly attractive sylvari male with blue foliage and gray skin. He has a violet glow at night, and soft, friendly features. His left eye permanently scarred after an incident with the White Mantel. He generally wears a combination of high quality metal and cloth armors. He will usually bring a fuzzy lamb backpack with him, which carries various materials. Often, he will have a therapy dog (sylvan pup) named Lola following him around. He also wears runic bindings (in cloth straps) around his hands, which was spelled by Priory arcanists and help prevent uncontrollable shifting.


  • Depending on his mood, he can be boisterous and friendly, or very reclusive. Having gone through extensive meditation techniques in the attempt to control his many issues, he is not quick to anger, and will resist most baiting. Once there, however, it's generally difficult to bring him back down (due to the nature of Dai). While he does suffer severe depression, he tries to maintain a positive outlook around other people. He is also quick to help others in need, and strongly believes in preservation of the law. He is very loyal to the Pact and it's many incarnations, even to the point of submitting himself to the Priory as a test subject, due to the experimentations he's suffered. While he does his best to be friendly to most everyone, he hates the Nightmare Court in particular, and he's not fond of the White Mantel either. It's likely he will either shut down, panic, or attack at the sight of either one.


  • Sabriel Locke: They have an on again, off again friendship, and Jack tends to treat Sabriel fairly badly. This is generally out of guilt, because Sabriel has done much for Jack while asking for nothing in return. While their relationship is complicated, the two respect each other deeply, and Jack would do anything for him if asked.
  • Rorey: Rorey was Jack's mentor after waking. Though normally not one for romance, Rorey fell in love with Jack's friendly nature, but Jack himself never fully returned those feelings. The two did have a casual encounter--casual to Jack, intimate to Rorey--but nothing ever evolved from it. Jack rarely seeks Rorey for aid when in trouble, but Rorey keeps a close tab on him regardless and will usually be the first to search for Jack if he believes the sylvari to be in danger.
  • Edna: An Asuran NPC who handles Jack and cares for many of his needs in the background. She has become something of a mentor to him, and treats him like a mother to a child at times. She keeps a close eye on his movements, as is her job, and has various Priory-invented tools to incapacitate him quickly if necessary. Jack adores her and trusts her with his life and freedom, which isn't something he does lightly. Edna has also provided Jack various methods for controlling his abilities, or dealing with his emotional issues. This includes Lola, his therapy dog, and the runic straps he wears around his hands.

He has deep relationships with various characters from many players who are no longer active. One of them was a love interest that he still sometimes lingers on.


  • Nightmare Court: He and a friend (retired character) were captured by the Court when the Court sought to turn or kill this friend, due to the nature of his Wyld Hunt. The friend was a sapling fresh from waking, and Jack did his best to protect the young one, enduring severe torture on his friend's behalf. He was often drugged to prevent most of his revenant abilities, but they managed to escape about a week after capture when Dai finally managed to gain control. Dai, possessing Jack, killed a large portion of Courtiers on the way out. The Court later got involved after Jack was the victim of an experimentation by a sylvari mad scientist (retired character), where they sought to capture him for study, to determine if the process could be replicated for their own use. Jack has killed many, many Courtiers in his time, and has very little sympathy for their mission.
  • White Mantel: Like the Court, they sought to capture Jack for their own use, determined to discover the nature of what was done to him in the effort of replicating it. He ended up being captured by them after a betrayal from his then-best friend (retired character), who sold Jack to the Mantel for a large amount of gold. Here, he also suffered a lot of torture, most of it mental in nature. He spent the better part of a year under the Mantel's care, though he later managed to escape with the aid of another friend (also retired) and Sabriel Locke. While he did spend a large amount of time after this completely mute, he eventually managed to recover, and now leads a somewhat normal life.