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  • Player: Kezika.7692
  • IC Name: Balkki
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Asura
  • Class: Engineer
  • Specialization: Holosmith
  • Birthdate: 34 Scion 1302
  • In-Character Affiliations:
  • Scholarly Specialization: Hard Light


Balkki was born in Soren Draa on 34 Scion 1302. She attended the College of Dynamics in the same graduating class as Kezika. She specialized in Focus Energy and its applications.

After graduation, Balkki joined Opticalium to perform continued research into various types of focused energy. She began in a sub-krewe which focused on concentrated hard light. She was eventually promoted to a project management position within the krewe overseeing various projects and logistics regarding them.

In 1327 when Kezika founded Mordrem Dracology Krewe she was offered the position of Field Project Manager and accepted, having known Kezika from college. Balkki kept track of the logistics for all of Mordrem Dracology's field research. She also personally partook in some of the research located in The Silverwastes, The Grove, and Divinity's Reach.

When The Pact Fleet launched over the heart of the Maguuma Jungle to attack Mordremoth she went aboard Mellagan's Valor along with Vynnzi and a few other members of Mordrem Dracology. After the crash she worked with the krewe to find, recover, and repair as much of their equipment as possible while The Pact reorganized and secured Verdant Brink. After Verdant Brink was secured she led the krewe to follow with the main Pact forces south all the way to Dragon's Stand. During the final confrontation with Mordremoth they set up their energy reading equipment on the edge of Dragon's Domain and took readings throughout the battle. The readings were able to assist The Pact in confirming the death of Mordremoth.

After the defeat of Mordremoth she managed various expeditions for the krewe to look into dragon minions in various parts of Tyria for any evidence of increased energy absorbed from Mordremoth's death. Balkki also worked with Kezika during this time as part of the Golemedica krewe to add a hard light shield feature for the KTG-3*0 Series Golems.

After Taimi's discovery on how to filter different portions of the magical spectrum, they were able to modify their equipment and take it to Ember Bay. Once there they were able to obtain readings showing the various levels of dragon spectrums minions were showing and that not all the Destroyers showed the same balance in draconic energies.

After access to Elona reopened she went with the krewe to Prophet's Fall along with a protection contractor Vykko to conduct further research on The Branded there. Results while they were there showed slight readings of higher Zhaitan and Mordremoth energies, but the minions were not showing abilities like the Destroyers in Ember Bay were. Shortly after the defeat of Balthazar however the krewe was forced to abandon Prophet's Fall when a gw2:Environmental_hazard#Brandstorm came over the area.

However her most ambitious expedition was in 1331 where she had an asuran freight ship chartered and equipped with shields, anti-draconic armaments, and anti-naval armaments. She then contracted a captain as well as various Rata Sum Peacemakers, including Vykko again. The krewe then had the ship sailed to a sound in Dajkah due northwest of the mountain where Kralkatorrik was known to be. The krewe took many readings on Kralkatorrik as well as a brandstorm that approached and overtook them from the south.

Currently Balkki still works as the Field Project Manager for Mordrem Dracology Krewe as well as doing contract work on the side regarding hard light technology.

OOC Name History

  • Runescape: The Fremmenik name given to my Runescape character was "Balkir"
  • Rubies of Eventide: "Balkir the Itinerant" was my Dwarf Skald (class that best learned Bardic magic, and Axe-wielding) character.
  • World of Warcraft: I had a short lived Dwarf Hunter named "Balkir" but ended up deleting them.
  • Guild Wars 2: The idea of Balkir was altered to be more asuran and ended up as Balkki instead.