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  • Type: Inquest Political Prison
  • Location: Beetletun
  • Known Prisoners
  • Warden: Arctii
  • Current Status: Seized by Seraph

Other Notes

The in-game location for this is High Inquisitor Victor's room in Confessor's End accessible either through Confessor's End or the Caudecus' Manor dungeon explorable.

Backstory Connections

This was an Inquest politcal prison facility ran by Arctii that also housed Pnyya and Ketti as prisoners while it was under Inquest control.

The space was given to The Inquest by The White Mantle for their assistance in some of Caudecus' plots against Queen Jennah. First for providing the carnival with Teyo's Floating Grizwhirls as well as providing Uzolan with golem design information and parts for the creation of the golem used in the Caudecus' Manor Incident.